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  • We allow one PR event or subject weekly, which can be published on weekends as well with similar or sometimes higher traffic results.
  • Not all press releases that are submitted will be approved and published. Please allow 24 hours for approval and follow standard PR guidelines.
  • One active URLs, one Twitter Url and two email address can be linked.
  • Please keep headlines at 100 characters or less and ensure that it is relevant to the release or the event you're trying to promote. No question marks, parenthesis, or exclamation points are allowed.
  • Please include only one relevant image to display above the post and in the list view located on the news front page to the right that is 1280px wide and 720px in height. We accept 16:9 format, which is larger in width than height; no vertical images, please. No inline images allowed.
  • Once you've submitted your PR, we will send you an email with a confirmation of approval that instructs you on how to pay with cryptocurrency, the only payment method we accept.
  • Please understand that we do not offer PR update services once it's been published, however, we can remove any publications if need be..

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